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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ableton Live Template

I thought I'd share my template that I use incase anyone finds it particularly useful. I used to spend more time getting everything sorted and slowly while doing this my creative will died.

What you will find - Audio

Percussion Lanes
FX Lanes
Bass Midi Lanes
Atmosphere Lanes
Junk (Working) Lanes

What you will find - Groups

Percussion Sub Mix
FX Sub Mix
Bass Sub Mix
Atmos Sub Mix

Sub Mix Channels are basically a master before the master, just gives you more control over the entire groups levels.

What you will find - Sends

High/Mid/Low Frequency Split channels
Percussion Bus
Bass Bus
FX Bus
Warm Reverb
Room Reverb
External Reverb
Internal Reverb

I've also included a mastering channel channel which I advised not be touched until the final pass's of your work, thats even if you want to self master it, I've included a basic warmth package on the channel.

The signal flow is as follows.

Tracks > Groups > Individual Group Bus' > Mastering Channel > Master.

Defaultly everything on the bus channels are turned off, this means you start with a clean flow from Tracks to Master. I have included some basic effects on the sends, percussion/bass compression etc etc but as I said its turned off, until you're at that workflow point where (you might not even want to, in which case ignore) you want to send your groups to bus' to gel together.

Also included is a resampling channel, which depending on your settings will record whatever audio the box hears, this can also be set to individual channels and as default runs to the mastering channel.

Adjust sends as you see fit, It's just a starting point but I hope it helps speed things up. It looks a bit daunting at first.

Available for download here


  1. how do you dl this?

  2. Next to the screenshots it says available for download here, right click save as, and open in ableton.

  3. yeah had a little play with this, look forward to getting some stuff done with it. cheers for the dl

  4. Looking forward to fiddling with this!