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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bass Wobbler Files.

Im making available the bass used in my lastest work in progress, you can find the files used at the bottom of the page.

Astral - Untitled WIP by Astral + See Your Exit

This particular bass was built in Native Instruments' Massive, in Ableton Suite 8.

Outside the actual patch, the bass inst treated to much, just slight EQ and compression the highlight the areas I wanted it to.
Those parameters can be found here:

This is all you need to recreate the body of the bass sound.

I have provided the two images above, the Native Instruments patch and the raw .wav file of the bassline I used in the tune, for those of you with resampling/slicing blood.

Available Here (2.8mb)


  1. Really informative! I am looking into toying with production a bit more often so this blog will be perfect for that. Cheers for this great blog.

  2. reminds me of the Skream´s synth sound he´s been using recently haha.

    I like your tune, especially those glitches in the bassline