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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Native Instruments Reaktor, Old Memories.

I was looking through some of my old files and came across this.

This was my first subtractive synthesizer I've ever created, It was for a university project and it reminded my how much I learnt and understood through constructing my own synths.

Give it a go, the demo for 5.5 should be available shortly from here, the knowledge you can learn from this kind of process is invaluable, you start to understand in commercial synthesizers what you can do to produce the sounds you have in your head.


  1. Wish I still had the files for the synth I made more a Uni project. Was only a 2 Osc job, pretty fun and interesting to make though - something satisfying about making patches on something you've built in its entirety.

  2. Man, I learned SOOOO much from building my own synths in Reaktor (up until that point I was like "if I up the res that sounds cool"). It helped me to understand what all the common parameters of synthesis actually did to a sound.

    I'd be all over that patch if I could afford Reaktor.

  3. love reaktor, such a diverse VSTi

  4. I need to get it. My mate does creative music tech course at uni and makes synths with reaktor that sound pretty great.

  5. i might give this a go one day, sounds nuts

  6. Best synth ever, still learning with it but it has elevated my production immensely.

  7. I wish I could begin to get my head around production. It's my mission after summer though.